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What I do.

Industrial designer heavily focused in minimalism.

I believe products should be clean, and have a balance between interaction and simplicity. When a product is too complex it takes away from the user experience. No matter the field of design, I strive to create products that allow for the best user interaction while also making the design pleasing and elegant - something that is lost and ignored in the design process.

How I do it.

When I'm not designing or sketching I like to ride my bicycle.

As a designer I am very visual. I can grasp new information easily and I’m always open to learning. I never stop discovering and I always look out for ways to improve. Working in a team is something I enjoy. I like the fact that everyone in a team can share their knowledge to elevate one another. I’m adaptable.


Content Creation

Solutions for Your Idea

Many concepts can be reviewed and modified in a short time frame using knowledge and the latest tools to end up with a great product solution for your innovative idea.

  • Feedback with Current Problem

  • Identifying a Target User

  • Sketching visual Concepts of Potential Solutions

  • Appealing Product Models that integrates these Concept Ideas

Product Designing

Efficient Design

A well thought design can deliver an enjoyable, easy to use product and is an important advantage in a competitive market.

  • Form Follows Function

  • Design Sketching

  • Concept Solutions

  • Human factors and Ergonomics Knowledge

Creativity Tools

Brand & Identity

Helping brands increase sales and improve profits, while simultaneously improving the quality of people’s lives by designing beautiful and highly functional products.

  • Creation of Brand elements such as logos, labels, graphics, colors and other aesthetic elements

  • Giving a product its WOW factor

  • Color, Finish, Branding and Materials Specifications

  • Creation of Unique, professional Product Packaging and Graphics

Computer Aided Design

3D Modeling and Drawing

Create appealing product models that integrates concept ideas with practical and feasible engineering software. The solutions are captured in 3D CAD Autodesk software to allow feedback from clients, users and other stakeholders.

  • 3D CAD concepts to Better Define Concepts

  • Beauty Renders and animations of concepts that realistically depict the product in use

  • Manual or digital Sketching integration in the 3D model Process.

  • 3D Model ready to Print or Produce