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Takumi Sushi Bar

Food Stand

Analysis — Caracas is a city where restaurants of all styles and origins proliferate, Japanese cuisine being one of the most exploited. The vast majority of Japanese “restaurants”, if they can be called so, belong to commercial chains that have “westernized” the culture. The overload of oriental “adornments,” which insults Japanese neatness and minimalism, often blends Asian cultures without realizing it, these are common denominators across the range of Asian fast-food restaurants in the country.

Conceptualization – More than a Japanese restaurant, a restaurant from Japan. A conceptual proposal that is based on creating the experience of spending a moment in Japan, with its design, minimalism, cuisine and culture.

Research – Demographic research helped me to understand and better empathize with the users who will be interacting with the product as well as the environment that it will be located in. We discover thta the main user will be tourist visiting the area who value strong and unique asthetics over daily utility.

Inspiration – I took a great deal of inspiration from the Japanese Culinary history of Sushi , specifically from the older traditions and the traditional way it has been eaten for centuries. This element had a large influence over the final design.

Ideation – Over the next few weeks I brainstormed ideas in varying materials , forms , and functions. After I established the wanted direction to explore I started ideating in both hand sketches and volumetric models.

Refinement – After selecting a design direction to follow based upon one of my sketches, I set out to refine the form of the design as well as explore possible details and features to implement.

Modeling – I made a Real-Scale detailed 3D version in Fusion 360 to assure the proper dimensions and proportion.



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Food Stand




July 2016