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Nord® Drift Trike

Customizable Trike Design

Analysis — Children have an urgent need to be in movement; The tricycle from its development has always been a transient object between the three wheels and two wheels (bicycle); The lack of integration between its elements are the main cause of the problem; For this reason, as a project approach, I want to adapt a study applied to various branches of assisted movement development in the infant using the tricycle as a means of transport and entertainment.

Conceptualization – Applying a search for form and function in the design directly applied to creativity; likewise expanding its visual styling without directly affecting its functions; obtaining as a result to help the development of the infant in a direct and concise way, both in its motor development and its mental development. Returning the necessary prominence to the tricycle and taking it out a bit of the transitory concept that it has.

Research – A tricycle a three-wheeled vehicle, usually driven by human strength. Tricycles for children are widely known, since they are often the first vehicle for many children due to their stability, potential for fun and price. The tricycles work based on a design of three wheels with great support. The basic configuration is a wheel on the front axle and two wheels on the side, all connected by a structure of four sides or less.

Inspiration – The NORD® Tricycle is designed and structurally inspired in the architectural support by means of polygonal trusses. These structures provide the necessary support to stand the continuous use that the tricycle will receive, so it has the necessary resistance to provide protection to the user. The general form is based on the conceptualization of the bicycle that provides a creative theme for the user and helps him to play with the imagination.

Ideation – Over the next few weeks I brainstormed ideas in varying materials , forms , and functions.

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Portable Drift Trike




August 2017