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Mantle® Stroller

The most versatile stroller.

Analysis — The Stroller since its development has always been an object of little portability and lack of structure; The lack of integration between its elements are the main cause of the problem; For this reason, as a project approach, I want to adapt a study applied to various branches of car development as a means of transport and as an easy method, applying a search for form and function in the design directly applied to creativity; likewise expanding its visual styling without directly affecting its functions; obtaining like result to help the development of the infant of direct and concise way applied towards the comfort of the father.

Conceptualization – Currently the Stroller requires unnecessary attention, thus reducing its life time as an object. Causing the loss of interest in a tool of various positive characteristics that can be used in accordance with the development of the infant until a later age.

Research – The improper use of the car as an object solely and exclusively for transportation. This is due to the continuous production of cars that do not adapt to different ages or that simply stop being used due to their bad ergonomics and adaptability.

Inspiration – I took a great deal of inspiration from the aero-nautical history, specifically from the newest and most aerodynamic planes. this element of the aerodynamics had a large influence over the final design.

Ideation – Over the next few weeks I brainstormed ideas in varying materials , forms , and functions. After I established a direction I wanted to explore I started ideating in both hand sketches and volumetric models.

Refinement – After selecting a design direction to follow based upon one of my sketches, I set out to refire the form of the design as well as explore possible details and features to implement.

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Creative Lead

Sante Capobianco


Branding, Modeling, Design.


February 2017