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Adda Iron Machine

Steam Iron Machine

Analysis — Redesign the Steam Vapor machine using taking in account the use factors without leaving behind the relationship between the function and the form.

Conceptualization – Inspired in the shape of nature , more specifically the shape of whales, I tend to make contrast with high technology design lines.

Research – User related research helped us to understand and better empathize with the users who will be interacting with the product as well as the environment that it will be located in. We discover that the main user will be maids, since ironing is not very common to see these days the quantity of users has been reduced drastically.

Inspiration – I took a great deal of inspiration from the nautical history, specifically from the older wooden boats and the traditional horn cleat used for centuries to hunt whales. this element of the whale had a large influence over the form.

Ideation – I usually brainstorm ideas in varying materials , forms , and functions. After establishing a direction I started ideating in both hand sketches and volumetric models the most classy looking and better functioning iron machine.

Refinement – I set out to refire the form of the design as well as explore possible details in materials as well as production costs goes.


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Iron Steam Machine




August 2015