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Ventura Vans 5th Wheeler

Ventura Vans , Toowoomba , Australia.

Research – Insight Company research helped me to understand and better empathize with the users who will be interacting with the Van as well as the environment that it will be located in.

Ideation – Varying materials , forms , and functions made me establish the direction wanted for the project and started ideating in both hand sketches and volumetric models.

Modeling – I made Real-Scale and Mechanical 3D models for all of the functions and parts of the 5th Wheeler along with productions CAD plans among other things.


About the work made:

Sante has done absolutely fantastic work on our project together! Even in a field that he knew little about, he was able to produce a 3D model which exceeded my expectations. He is a expert with Fusion 360, and is able to create designs quickly and accurately. We met on skype with voice calls and screen sharing. His english is perfect and is easy to communicate with. Sante is very polite and enjoyable to work with. We will be working together again.

Travis Davids.

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5th Wheeler


Ventura Vans


February 2017