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Sante Capobianco

Product Designer

I am a 24 year old Industrial Designer from Italy.

Industrial Design can be found in every corner of this world. This fact motivates me to do more and pushes my designs as I feel I’m a part of something bigger. As I’m growing as a designer, I realize how important it is to design for people. Communication of the designer’s thoughts through the product is key. This will involuntarily build a strong bond between the product and its user.

As a multidisciplinary Product Designer with experience in architecture, user centered design, meaningful products and passion to pure aesthetics of Scandinavian and Minimalist Design, I tend to maintain a balance between functionality and visual look in all of my work.

I am quite a keen cyclist, I like to ride my bike for hours since I was a part of a Professional Cycling Team back in Venezuela. As for now I still own several Carbon Bikes that I take to the road every time I can. Cycling is not just a hobby but a passion.

I am currently working at Desing Gang Network in Turin , Italy. But feel free to contact me about any inquiry you have.

Take a look at my work. I hope you like it and don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for visiting.

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Curriculum Vitae

Full Name

Sante Capobianco

Date of Birth

24 August 1993


Via Doberdo' 8, 10152
Comune di Torino
Torino , Italia.


2011 Bachelor's Science degree “Colegio Agustiniano Cristo Rey”
2018 BFA Industrial Design degree "Instituto de Diseño de Caracas"
Recommendation Letter & Career Info


2013 Sketching and Rendering Teacher
2014 Zbrush / Fusion 360 3D Modeller
2016 Junior Industrial Designer
2017 Freelance Product Designer
2018 Product Designer at DESIGN GANG Network


Strong knowledge of Pixologic Zbrush
Medium knowledge of Autodesk 3DS Max
Advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
Medium knowledge of Adobe Illustrator.
Strong knowledge of Autodesk AutoCAD
Medium knowledge of Luxology Modo.
Strong knowledge of Keyshot.
Strong knowledge of Solidworks
Strong knowledge of Autodesk Fusion 360
Very strong Sketching Skills.
Aptitude for learning other 3D packages quickly.


Spanish (Mother Tongue)
Italian (Read, Talk, Write)
English (Read, Talk, Write)
German (Basics)

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